Interior Design

Shelter Island Home

This beautiful property on Shelter Island was an uninhabitable barn when purchased by the owners of Left Bank Design. Trees grew through the roof and the grounds were so overgrown it was difficult to get a sense of the property. Prospective buyers were daunted by the scale of the project.

Left Bank Design designed a two-phase plan to turn the property into a summer home. Floor plans were drafted for the entire structure, but to keep the project to a manageable scale both financially and in length, the first floor was completed first. A few years later when the arrival of children created the need for more space, the owners punched through and finished the second floor.

Working within the existing footprint, LBD’s aim was to create a series of large airy spaces that preserved the building’s open feel while incorporating the needs of a large family. Many of the structure’s original details were saved and repurposed: bead board paneling was used to create the interior doors and small square windows original to the space were picked up in the new design. Wood beams from the horse stalls were used to frame openings between rooms. Other materials were sourced overseas – including old stone flooring from Europe and tile from Morocco. LBD served as GC for much of the project, which was done on a very tight budget.