Left Bank Design is happy to take on interior design projects of any shape or scale. Whether this entails a top to bottom renovation, working with an existing team of architects and designers to tweak a space or simply finding the single item that will anchor an interior, Left Bank Design can accommodate.
Recent design projects have included:

  • The gut renovation, planning and design for a restaurant on Paris’ Boulevard St. Germain.
  • A significant design overhaul of a beautiful colonial home in Washington’s Cathedral neighborhood which found a way to incorporate several cherished family heirlooms while modernizing the overall feel of the space.
  • Sourcing vintage lighting for a sexy bachelor pad in Paris.

Courtenay O’Sullivan’s career in design began with travel. A notorious hunter-gatherer she took advantage of frequent travels and living abroad to source unique, beautiful pieces brimming with character. The skill led to jobs as product editor for a shelter magazine and a buyer for a high-end home store. It became such a regular occurrence for people to ask where she had found a piece or if she could find one for them that she opened a shop to address the demand. Small and out of the way, the shop nevertheless became known for unexpected treasures. You never knew what you might find there and you would almost certainly not find it twice. An interior design practice grew organically from this passion for storied objects. Clients were attracted to spaces built around fantastic pieces and the atmosphere this approach creates.