Left Bank Design is in the business of shaping built environments and offers services which include project management, interior planning, design and sourcing.

Courtenay O’Sullivan, principal, works internationally from a base in New York City. She is, first and foremost, a problem solver. Fluent in the languages of architect, contractor and busy client, Left Bank Design can unravel the mystery of how to approach a renovation or design job and manage as many steps of the process as needed.

As project manager, Courtenay is practical, meticulous and cost conscious. She puts equal emphasis on details and on schedule. In design, she brings an irreverent approach to her work, which is sophisticated and cool without taking itself too seriously. Left Bank Design’s philosophy is about creating intimate, personal spaces that reflect the interesting and varied facets of their owners’ lives. It is as important that these spaces be as livable as they are aesthetic and Left Bank Design excels at layouts that work and spaces that flow effortlessly. And in making the process as painless as possible.